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What Sort of Impact Will WhatsApp’s New Business API Have?

In July of 2017, WhatsApp boasted 450 million active users per month. With so many users and thousands of businesses looking to reach them, the new Business API has potential. The API can help companies reach their target audience through advertisements that lead to chat boxes. It can assist in shipping confirmations, appointments reminders, and event… Read More

Q&A: Rebranding 101

Thinking about rebranding?  If so, here are the 6 most common questions we’re asked about it, as well as our honest-to-goodness opinions 1. What leads to a company rebranding? Companies rebrand because something isn’t working, or because they’ve gone through a major PR crisis. When we say something isn’t working, we’re talking about marketing that… Read More

Q&A: 3 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Generating Highly-Qualified Insurance Leads

We personally think voicemail drops are a really effective way for insurance companies to generate leads, because you can target prospects with valuable offers without interrupting the flow of their daily activity. The key with voice drops for insurance companies is making sure that your message is short and relevant. What are you offering? A free insurance… Read More