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Google Analytics

How to analyze your web traffic… Analytics Introduction Google Analytics is probably the most well-known and widely used of all the web analytics application. It is a publicly available free tool provided by Google that can be used to analyze your web traffic to your website or blog. Since its inception, Google Analytics has added… Read More


Why is Marketing Important in Making your Business Successful?

If you have a broken bone, would you just let anyone to mend it?  If your car is stalled, would you allow someone who has read “Car Fixing For Dummies” tinker with it?  Of course, you wouldn’t!  There are things in life that you should let the experts handle.  The same goes with marketing. Marketing… Read More


Top Tips on Creating a Successful Email Campaign

With the evolution of online marketing, many people think that email campaigns are passé. Truth be told, they are wrong… dead wrong.  When structured and executed properly, email campaigns are still inexpensive – yet effective – marketing tools.   Here are some tips on how to use them the RIGHT way: Know Who You Are Talking… Read More


Be present where your target market spends most of their time – on Facebook!

It seems like a day doesn’t go by where you don’t hear something about Facebook.  And why not?  At present, there are close to 600 million Facebook users – half of whom check their accounts daily.  While these statistics are impressive, even more impressive is the type of marketing power this type of activity has. … Read More


Create a Superstar out of your Business through the Power of Video Marketing

Advances in technology have changed a lot of things – marketing is no exception.  The context of video as it pertains to marketing used to be limited to TV commercials, which were more expensive than a majority of businesses could afford.  With the surge in popularity of websites like Youtube, however, video is now an… Read More