3 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Stinks

bad-smell-300x158You can have the most amazing website and sell absolutely incredible products but if your landing page stinks, your business is not going to be as successful as you hoped. Your landing page should be the focal point of your entire online marketing campaign. It should  compel visitors to take your desired action whether that’s buying a product, claiming a freebie, signing up for your newsletter or to provide you with their personal information.

Here are a few reasons why your landing page may not be working for you:

Your Headline Falls Flat

Landing page success begins with the right headline as this is the first thing visitors see. Your headline is your one opportunity to let the visitor know what you’re all about, make them curious and entice them to act. A good landing page headline should consist of three elements: focus, relevance and benefits. If you can also incorporate urgency, that would be great as adding something like “act now” can give a serious boost to your conversion rate. In order to use all three of these elements, you may need to add a sub-headline which is just fine to do.

You Assume That Prospects Know You

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with their landing pages is that they assume that their visitors know them. You simply cannot afford to leave out information your visitors need in order to convince them to take your desired action. Your landing page content needs to start by identifying the problem your prospects have at the top of their minds and then explain how your solution solves it because otherwise you will alienate your prospects and possibly even anger them. By all means, test your landing page copy on friends or even random strangers and see if they understand what is being said and why.

Your Call-to-Action is Weak

The call-to-action you use should serve as a trigger that your customers pull to find out more. Writing a call-to-action that converts can be as simple as using the word “get” instead of “order” as “get” emphasizes what the visitor will receive rather than what they have to do in order to get it. Your call-to-action should be all about value and relevance. Shoot for keeping your copy relevant and focused on the benefit of clicking but don’t over-exaggerate. Use wording like “get your free ebook now” rather than “download here”. “Act now and save 25%” is much better than just “buy now” so play around with your call-to-action a bit and

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