5 Reasons You Need a Landing Page

21713117-1-550x354  Your brand is going to have a rough time becoming a household name if you just have a simple site that hopes to make sales. The big question is: do you have a landing page? Hint: it’s not automatically the index or home page of your website. It’s the page where potential customers land first, hence the name. Done right, this page will turn a visitor who is unsure about your brand into a paying customer. That’s how powerful a landing page can be for you. Here are five things to know about landing pages.

Begins the Sales Process

One of the basic jobs of a landing page is for your visitors to begin a journey to make the transition into becoming a paying customer. When a visitor hits the landing page and is given targeted content for your products and services, it builds trust because it answers questions they already have about your company and your products. The more someone learns about your brand, they more they will trust you. Every word on your landing page needs to count towards the goal of making a visitor instantly see what you do and why they should choose your brand.

Lead Capture

If you don’t have a mailing list, get one going. People who want to hear from you by joining your mailing list are a valuable asset. They already like and trust you enough to give you their contact information, give them reasons to come back to your site, and often. Make sure your landing page has a simple lead collection method to get email addresses to build your contact list. Some people need to sit on the fence and get more information before they commit to a purchase. Show those people are you an expert in your market with a weekly newsletter, and keep your brand in the forefront of their thoughts when they need to make a buying decision.

Get Found in Organic Search

Because of the targeted nature of the content on a landing page, search engines have no difficulty indexing them. As a result, they appear higher in searches. Remember, the first five results account for nearly 70% of all clicks.

Laser Target Your Marketing

Once your landing page is turning prospects into conversions, this is where you can truly leverage your marketing. Use those demographics of the sales made to see who exactly your audience is that you need to market to and scale up your efforts. The fluid nature of a landing page is also a bonus. When the market changes, you can update your landing page with ease to match the buyer segment you want to market to.

Test What Works-Often

Split-testing two landing pages to see which one converts better is an excellent way to hone your marketing skills for your brand. See which type of content your visitors respond to best, and use that information to get more conversions. Whenever you launch a new product or other promotion, never use a single landing page. Always split-test, find what works, and leverage it.

A landing page does several jobs at once for you. Use yours to keep your finger on the pulse of your niche, and increase your online marketing success.

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
      Just enter your name and email address below.