5 Reasons Your Business Must Have an Engaging Website

office-1069207_640-300x199  Do you know any businesses that don’t have a website? There are still a few die-hard brick and mortars out there that figure since their grandfather founded the place 40 years ago and didn’t have a website, their company will be just fine without one. They are so missing out on sales. Once you have established a website for your brand, it needs to be more than a simple billboard with your hours and location. Your website can do the work of any number of employees representing your brand by tirelessly giving information about your location, hours, and products 24-hours a day. Here are the top reasons you need to leverage your website to be as engaging as possible and how to pull it off.

Potential Clients Will Look You Up Online First

Once upon a time someone considering doing business with a company would look them up in the Yellow Pages, possibly contact the Chamber of Commerce, and ask neighbors for recommendations. Fast forward to the present and your potential customers are hitting Google to see if you have a webpage, checking out social media, and Yelp for reviews. If they don’t find what they need to know in mere seconds, they bounce on to a competitor. It’s important to make sure that your website is catching their interest as soon as they hit your page.

Communicate How Your Brand is Unique

The first thing someone should see when they land on your website is how your brand is unique. Simply put, what can you give a client that your competitors can’t? That’s your Unique Value Proposition and it’s one of the pillars of your marketing message. It should be visible above the fold on your landing page.

Inform and Include Your Clients

Go further than just giving technical information, no one wants to read dry, boring jargon. Remember, you want to create a relationship with your clients. Inform and engage them with images, video, and uses for your products or service. Invite clients to share images or video of unique uses they have found for your products. Everyone likes to feel like part of a success story, make your clients a visible part of yours. When other people visit your website, they will immediately see you interacting with your clients, this helps build trust for someone who has no experience with your brand yet.

Communicate Regularly

Either through blogging efforts or a regularly published newsletter, you need to put your brand in front of the public often. If you don’t already have a lead capture form on your site for email addresses, get one. These are people who already are interested in your brand, want to hear from you, so keep in touch with them. If you put out an email-delivered newsletter, publish it on your website as well. That way it can be read easily by all. Always invite a dialogue in your communications. No one wants to get a monologue from you in their email.

Test and Evolve

Keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and update your website accordingly. A good example of a trend that a number of businesses got left behind with last April, was the switch by Google to give mobile-responsive sites preference in organic search results. Sites that decided not to upgrade their layouts to a responsive design before “Mobile-geddon” fell in return search results.

Those are just five tips to create a website that engages clients. You only have seconds to convince a visitor that your brand is the one they should trust, make sure your website is delivering that message loud and clear. Would you like more helpful tips for marketing your brand? Sign up for our free newsletter and get timely tips delivered to your inbox.

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