5 Tips to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Your Niche

Stay-Ahead-Business-Competition-300x225  We beat the drum about keeping up with trends in your industry. It goes beyond scanning the headlines of the news for your niche. It is vital to be able to forecast the coming results of innovations, and determine how you can leverage those results for the benefit of your brand. The biggest question many business owners in {ip:cityName} have is HOW? We have five tips to help you learn to recognize when the pulse of your industry quickens and what you need to do when it does.

Your customers will give you clues
This one is simple: ask your customers what they want from your brand and how you could do better. Here’s the prickly part: ask for brutal honesty. Positive comments are fantastic, but they don’t help you grow your brand into what your market wants. Critiques point out where there’s a issue in your service pipeline. This is a large part of how new products and services are born.

Pick one hour a day to get informed
Take away the time wasters. Don’t get sucked into social media, and use the time you would normally spend doing something unproductive, to do something that is powerful. Read about your industry. Create a list of reliable sources for your niche and sign up with a feed reader to get updates on their content. A very interesting statistic shows that if you spend just one hour a day reading about your industry, you can become an international expert within seven years. Think about what you already know about your industry and how much more powerful your level of knowledge could be just by using this one tip.

Pick brains at sales team meetings
The information your sales reps pick up out in the field can be a valuable source of knowing what changes are happening in your niche. Have regular meetings and ask questions about what they are hearing regarding coming innovations and new trends. They may even have information for something a competitor is doing that you can improve. Regularly exchanging information in meetings besides sales numbers and projections will get them wired for picking up coming trends.

Always be ready to embrace change regarding your marketing
As your industry evolves forward, so should how you market your brand. Never get single-minded about one sole way of delivering your message for your brand. As changes happen, be ready to move with them. Always consider how you can hone and improve what your brand represents. When a new trend is happening, ask yourself how you can incorporate that change into your current marketing. This keeps your brand moving forward.

Solutions in automation
Just because it’s always been done that way isn’t how you evolve. For repetitive tasks that take up time, consider if they could be automated. It may not be a task you need a human doing at all. That way the energies of your staff can be redirected towards customer retention and QA efforts. The best way to find which tasks are tedious and time consuming is to brainstorm with your staff. Make a list and see if there are already apps or productivity software developed to answer your needs. If not, consider utilizing a freelancer to build an app to create a custom solution.

That wraps up the five key ways to stay ahead of the curve in your niche. Use these tips to start making a game plan to stay on top and address changes in your market. Make it a goal to streamline day-to-day operations in your business. If you found this newsletter helpful, be sure to share with a friend.

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
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