5 Ways to Expand Your Social Media Reach

Using social media incorrectly to promote your product or service is like buying a top of the line sports car and parking it in your garage forever. Social media can boost your business in a fast and powerful way if you understand how to harness the ways information is disseminated and shared. Here are five ways to get up to speed fast on five different networks.

shutterstock_121468318-300x200  Facebook Pages are Not Dead for Promotion

Everyone remembers when Facebook changed their algorithms to limit the exposure posts on pages received if there was little interaction by viewers. Unless of course, you wanted to boost that post by paying for a Facebook ad. The key is to find ways to keep viewers on your posts longer. Ask for opinions from your followers about something relevant, or put up an  related to your business, and ask for comments. Another way to boost your page’s value on Facebook is to create videos. Remember time spent by followers commenting on or watching videos translates as a quality experience to the Facebook algorithms because of the additional time spent on the post.

Getting Found on Twitter

Twitter is great for connecting with the people most likely to buy your product or service. Twitter is hashtag driven, so learn to use those effectively. Spend some time searching Twitter for #hashtags related to your business. Also, watch the trending topics for things you can relate to a product or service you offer. This will get your tweets in front of people who are already watching certain niche hashtags whether they are already followers or not.

Instagram Tips

This social network isn’t just for sharing your awesome lunch or bragging about your vacation on the beach. Much like Twitter, hashtags are your best friend on this site. Take engaging photos and post video clips of your products or show yourself in action at a seminar or industry gathering.

Google+ is Still Valid

Along with your Google+ account, set up your free Google My Business listing which will increase your visibility in both mobile and local search results. As always, use hashtags for your posts.

Pinterest Can Bring Sales

If you can make an image of your product or show your service, this site can work for you. A study by Wayfair showed that shoppers referred by Pinterest were 10% more likely to make a purchase and tended to spend around 10% on purchases than referrals from other social networks. The key to getting found on Pinterest is use product names and keywords to name your image galleries and use in your descriptions of your images. You already know what keywords relate to your business, use them to bring in more sales.

Use these tips to utilize social media and make your presence known to current and future customers. It starts with setting a realistic posting schedule for yourself, then stick to it. Nothing looks worse than a gung-ho attempt with a lot of posts that just falls off to nothing happening. A powerful way to entice a following on any social media is to show how using your product or service can solve common problems. If you need to outsource your efforts to keep your social media posts happening, do it because it’s worth the investment

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
      Just enter your name and email address below.