Avoid Doing These 3 Things that Will Drive Your Customers Away

spam-300x186  It can take months to acquire a new customer but just seconds to lose one. You may have the most perfect product that you sell for a great price but if you do certain things, your customers will leave without even telling you why. Here are three things you should avoid doing at all costs as they are sure-fire ways to drive your customers away.

Making Them Wait

Even though people know they sometimes have to wait for service, waiting for an unreasonable amount of time is not something your customers should be doing. Study after study have shown that customers hate waiting and that a few factors make waiting even worse such as:

  • When the wait takes longer than the customer expects
  • When customers are forced to wait without being told for how long
  • When they believe others were served first even though they showed up after them

A good rule to follow is a simple one: Don’t make your customers wait on the phone or in person. When you make people wait, you’re wasting their time, annoying them and making them feel unimportant and unappreciated. If you must make your customers wait, be sure to tell them how long the wait will be and update them of any changes.

Relentlessly Pitching to Them

Everybody despises spammy emails, calls from pushy telemarketers and junk mail including your customers. You probably have walked out of a retail store yourself at one time or another because a salesperson was far too pushy. Don’t be that salesperson either face-to-face, on the phone or online because people will resent you.

The best sales technique involves making your customers feel important by focusing on their needs. You also must be honest about any claims you make about your product filling your customers’ needs. This honesty about the advantages/disadvantages of your product helps your customers trust you. If you are overbearing and push a sale that doesn’t make a customer happy, it will likely backfire on you wherein you’ll receive complaints and no more repeat business. In a nutshell, when you focus on meeting your customer’s needs more than your need to make money, you’ll find that you no longer have a money problem to worry about.

Turning a Deaf Ear to Your Customers

When interacting with prospective and current customers, listen more and speak less. Nobody, including your customers wants to listen to a salesperson relentlessly ramble on about all the benefits a product offers. People tend to feel more comfortable with the solution you offer them if they feel they’re being listened to. When you do speak, use empathy by re-phrasing what they said and then ask them to confirm that you stated it correctly. Customers appreciate being heard and are more likely to buy from someone who takes the time to listen to them explain what they need and why they need it.

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
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