Easy Postcard Marketing Tips To Make The Greatest Impact

85D4IPPQ98-300x200  Are you looking to create a marketing campaign that will be beneficial to your business and your entire customer base?

If so, postcards are the way to go.

Now, before you write this off as some antiquated marketing method, here us out: statistics have shown time and time again that direct mail IS still effective, despite what many “experts” say.

Postcards enable you to reach your customers and prospects in a fun and engaging way that when executed properly, captures their attention… and keeps it.

There are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind when planning a postcard campaign, which we’ve outlined here…

  1. Plan Ahead
    Postcards are extremely effective when they are well thought out, well designed, and well constructed. This means actually planning for your campaign. Throwing things together at the last minute is likely going to result in a lackluster ROI, which in turn is going to leave you feeling VERY frustrated (not to mention, your bank account balance a little lower). It’s never too early to start planning your next promotion and the earlier you plan, the more time you will have to make a creative, effective postcard.
  2. Make It Eye Catching
    Postcards that use strong colors, powerful prints, and vivid pictures grab the end reader’s attention, making it more likely that they will further engage with your products and services. Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family members and employees for their honest opinions. While you may love what you’ve come up with, if many other people don’t, it might be time to go back to the drawing board.
  3. Keep It Short, Sweet – and to the Point
    The information you include on your postcard should be concise and straight to the point. People are often flipping through their mail quickly so when they stumble upon a postcard, words that are easy to read and down to earth will be more effective in getting your message across.
  4. Use Oversized Cards
    Postcards that are larger in size tend to be more effective because they are bigger than the postcards most people are accustomed to receiving. Also, bigger postcards give you more opportunity to include images and other information you probably wouldn’t be able to fit on a standard size postcard.
  5. Promote Fast Action
    Encourage your customers to take action quickly, before your sale is over or your promotion expires. This will inspire your customer to engage with your products and services more quickly since everyone loves a good deal.

The aforementioned tips will help you successfully market your business using a marketing method many people call outdated and ineffective. At TabithaNaylor.com, we don’t believe you should ever put all your marketing eggs in one basket. Instead, we believe in blending old tactics with new ones so that you have all your bases covered and are being strategic in how you are getting your message out there.

Want to learn more about how postcards can benefit you and your company today? If so, contact us today to learn more!

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
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