Help! How Often Should I Update My Blog?

7867868-4-small-300x200Being in the business world, we all have learned just how powerfully important blogs are to our marketing campaigns and to reaching the customer. Blogs offer a chance for us to relate to the customer and the client on a deep, personal level, showing them a different side of our work that is more relatable to them that still reflects our business as a whole.

Blogs are unique in that they can be updated frequently to engage with our customer and our client and to keep us relevant in our own work, remaining on the forefront of our audience’s minds and news feeds. But the biggest question of all when it comes to running a blog: How often should I update my blog?

This is a question that has caused much angst for blog runners since its creation. Many businesses around the world have expressed the struggle they have faced with this question and not having an answer has driven business away!

Stick To A Schedule

You should stick to a regular blog updating schedule. Sticking to a schedule that works best for you, whether it be updating your blog once a day or once a week, will help your audience to adjust themselves to your schedule and to “expect” to receive your next blog.

Maintaining a regular schedule where you update your blog around the same time of day and week will encourage your audience to read your posts, no matter if they are genuinely interested or not, because it will become something they just learn to look forward to receiving.

Be Intentional

Be sure to be intentional in updating your blog. Motivate yourself and your company to stick to the blog schedule that has been established. This is a very important step in the reality of the blogging process.

Don’t Give Up

Find the encouragement, the patience, and again the motivation to regularly update your blog. Understand that blogging is a process and you might not right away see the results you are looking for. However, with time and with a regularly maintained blogging schedule, you will soon reach the results and the goals you are looking to achieve.

Promote Audience Engagement

Promote audience engagement and inform them of your upcoming posts to further encourage their continued reading!

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