Marketing and Lead Generation: 3 Unpleasant Yet True Facts

hi-3-small-300x149  Marketing a business is hard work and something that can quickly overwhelm you. You have to generate leads, nurture them, be a customer service expert, make tons of follow-up phone calls and send out lots of follow-up newsletters. As exhausting as it all is, marketing and lead generation must be two of your main priorities if you want your business to grow.

Here are three facts about marketing and lead generation that may be tough to swallow but are true nonetheless. If you keep these facts in mind, some of the pain involved with marketing your business may be a bit more bearable to endure.

The Best Marketing Strategy to Use is That Which is Tried, True and Tested

Instead of constantly looking for new and innovative ways to market your business, go with methods that are tried, true and tested. Effective marketing zeros in on a specific demographic with a strong message that’s relevant to that audience. You will be doing nothing more than waste time if you are just spamming people with cold calls and junk emails.

Every time a new marketing trend emerges, marketers scramble to jump on board to stake their claim. Find out what marketing tactics work best for you and stick with them. You’ll not only save time but also a lot of money as you won’t have to start from scratch each time there’s a new trend emerging.

Being Seen Often Helps Build Relationships

The typical consumer today is very savvy. Most consumers take time to think about what they want or need before making a purchase. This process takes time during which they may forget all about your business if they never see or hear from you again. But if they do see you again before pulling the trigger, the chances are they will consider making a purchase from you. This is why you need to be seen often so you can build trust and relationships with the people making up your target market. Get involved socially, send out regular newsletters, run local adverts and attend meet & greets relevant to your industry.

Benefits are Easy to Understand But Features Aren’t

In order for your target market to understand what they can get from you, it’s necessary that you always promote the benefits of your products/services. Benefits are easy to understand but features on the other hand are confusing. Features are characteristics that your product or service does or has. For example, televisions include features like auto tuning, anti-distortion technology, contrast ratio, etc.

Remember that people buy products and services because they want to solve a problem or meet a need. This is why it’s so important to market your products/services by highlighting their benefits. Of course, you need to point out the features of your products and services too so consumers understand the capabilities of the things you sell. But as far as your main marketing message goes, always focus on the benefits.

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
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