Newsletters Aren't Dead, Here's What You Need to Know

newsletter-528456_640-300x158Do you remember the mid-1990s when newsletters and e-zines were some of the most prevalent marketing tools out there? Some business owners in {ip:cityName} mailed them, others emailed text-only newsletters which were not amazing to read, but they worked for getting info out there. In the mailers, the graphics were horrible, the typesetting was often clunky, and yet, people read them, shared the,, and made buying decisions based on them. The bottom line is this : business owners in {ip:cityName} wouldn’t have continued creating them if they didn’t have a positive effect on sales.

As time went by, the newsletter was replaced by first the website where customers could come see online what was up with the business, and then many businesses set up blogs. Which are still powerful ways to market your product or service if you gear your content right. Then social media became a way to discuss and update customers and people wanting more information about your business. Then it happened, the culture turned again and customers wanted to be informed of upcoming sales, new products or services, or latest news about a brand they are loyal to via email so they didn’t have to remember to go to a website or blog. People like the personal feel of a newsletter ,and the new generation of newsletters that performed even more powerfully than their 1990s counterparts was created.

Benefits of a Newsletter
The newsletters of today are meant to be read online. They have enticing graphics, content that your readers want, and a responsive design meaning that the newsletter will adjust to the screen it is being displayed on for maximum ease of reading. Newsletters can also do your marketing for you. When someone on your mailing list enjoys the content you’re providing, they will in turn share it either via email or social media, which will in turn lead to more people signing up to get the scoop on products, services, or sales.

Parts of a Great Newsletter
A well-done newsletter isn’t just, “Hi, you subscribed to us, so how ya doing? Buy our stuff , here’s something on sale, and goodbye!” There is so much more than that to newsletter creation.  Your newsletter should have information about what’s going on in the company, let your customers feel like they are really part of the biz family. If you have a new product in development or a new service you’re going to be offering, you don’t have to give away everything but just enough to build some excitement. Also, if there is something you get frequent questions about in your niche, write about it. Educating your customers makes for knowledgeable buyers who will choose your brand because they understand it and are comfortable with it.

Reward Your Subscribers and Grow Your Brand
For someone taking the time to give you their email address, you should reward them. Create some perks for your subscribers. Access to sales 24 hours before through a special link only in the newsletter. An extra percentage off on a purchase, or free shipping are all perks you can easily do through a newsletter. Sweepstakes and contests are other ways to generate engagement and boost subscriptions to your newsletter, thereby growing your brand.

Don’t Sweat Spam Filters
Yes, spam is a huge problem. No one likes it and you can ensure you aren’t seen as contributing by doing one very simple thing: when someone subscribes, send them an opt-in email that puts your newsletter sending address on a whitelist.

Outsourcing Your Newsletter Creation
Once you have the ideas for your own newsletter, you have two choices. You can spend time creating the newsletter in house, or outsource your newsletter creation. If you choose to create your newsletter yourself, be certain the template you utilize is responsive and doesn’t look too small on a PC screen or fail to display on a mobile device. Another consideration is how often you want to publish. A monthly publishing schedule with special emails to promote sales or specials is fairly standard. Once you start publishing, you have to keep it up. Nothing looks worse than dropping off your customers’ radar. This is another benefit of outsourcing, you decide when you want your newsletters ready, and it is done for you.

Newsletter can be a powerful way to connect with existing customers and give new customers and inside look at your products or services. If time is an issue, consider outsourcing your newsletter creation, it’s definitely worth it. Contact us today to find out how a newsletter can benefit your marketing efforts.

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