So, How Are Your Social Signals?

No, we don’t mean if you get nervous at parties filled with people you don’t know or otherwise get socially awkward, that’s okay if you do. What we’re referring to here is how your posts are displaying out there on your social media, and this is an area it’s not okay to be awkward in, because it can literally make your business invisible on the Internet. Of specific importance is how well your business is doing on social media for views, likes, and shares. These are factors, and heavy ones at that, for how much authority your site is given by Google for organic searches.

Where to Start

Social-Media-300x238First of all, make sure your company is represented on social media in the first place. At the minimum, it’s a good idea to have the following pages representing your brand:

  • Facebook page – Very simple to set up and carries a lot of weight with Google.
  • Twitter – Google has a deal with Twitter to show live Tweets in organic search results, it’s worth it to learn to use those #hashtags in your posts.
  • Instagram – One of the newer social media sites but if you can post a lot of image-rich content to promote your business, you can gain a good following.
  • Pinterest – The secret with Pinterest is to create bulletin boards around the keywords that best describe your product to get indexed in searches.
  • YouTube – Don’t cringe. Videos are a great way promote your company.
  • Google+– This Google’s fourth try at having a social network, it’s not as fast paced as Facebook, but it’s a must-have. If you use Gmail, you’ll find a large number of contacts you already know. Use hashtags for extra exposure on your posts.

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed Before You Even Start Posting

Do not even start promoting your site on social media unless you have a posting schedule worked out. If you’re going to have various people within your company posting (which is a good idea to lend “many voices” to your company posts), or you decide to delegate to one person or do it yourself – develop that schedule set up and stick to it. Potential customers will look up your company on social media to get a “feel” for what you’re about and also what other people are posting about your business. Make sure they find you at your best – always.

How Not to Lose Your Followers on Social Media

Don’t post the exact same thing from your company blog to your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts. Your social-savvy followers will get bored quickly if they see the same things from you duplicating up their news feeds. The solution is to use each type of social media as it was intended. Facebook is great for promoting your blog posts. Use Twitter for fast updates and Tweet the most often. Pinterest and Instagram are two platforms you can cross post the same images on without making your followers weary. Google+ is great for longer posts and images.

Use these tips to develop a plan of action to get your social media accounts working to establish and promote your brand. Remember, your social media markets for you 24/7, so use it to its fullest potential.

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