Stand Out and Scale Up with the Power of Video

shutterstock_75434812_small-300x200  You have likely heard – video is a popular marketing effort and highly effective online. Ok, so this may be a bit obvious, the fact is, video is now considered both a challenge and opportunity for brands.

In terms of the size of the opportunity for B2B marketers, a recent study from Google and Forbes shows that approximately 75 percent of all senior executives watch videos related to their industry on various business related websites at least one time a week.

These videos help to drive a desired action. In the same study, Google and Forbes discovered that 65 percent of the executives then visited the website of the provider after they watched the video.

Also, approximately 53 percent conducted a search for the answer after watching the video. The largest challenge is to ensure the popularity and success of a video isn’t a secret to anyone. Not only do brands compete with other types of marketing videos, but with every other type of video that is uploaded online. If you don’t thing that’s a big deal – consider this – up to 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds.

The total number of platforms for consumption of videos are also growing as well, with mobile video growing significantly. In fact, according to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2015, video now accounts for 55 percent of all mobile traffic. In just three years, that is up by 10 percent.

Currently, up to 80 percent of all B2B companies are utilizing video, in some way, with their content marketing strategy. This percentage has been rising steadily in the past three years, starting at just 70 percent in 2013.

Now the question you have to answer is how to rise over all the noise and ensure your video stands out? How can you empower your business to create cost-effective videos that garner attention? Also, once you begin to create videos, how do you scale this across the entire business? These questions can be baffling for some.

Perhaps the biggest barrier for most marketers when it comes to utilizing video is getting started. In order to be successful, video creation has to be taken seriously, otherwise you are going to fall flat. Three essential factors to ensure success include:

  • Invest in the actual process, rather than just the output.
  • Develop a specific type of measuring plan for the video created.
  • Use competency of a high quality video to drive quantity.

When you start slow, the videos will be of higher quality. As you become comfortable with the process, you can amp up the quantity.

Creating videos is not something that you can simply decide to do. It takes the proper software and equipment, which represents a significant investment. However, if you can afford to make this investment and put time into the creation of quality videos, you will find a large amount of success is had. This can help to drive your content marketing efforts and ensure your videos reach and impact your target audience.

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
      Just enter your name and email address below.