Still Using Old SEO Tricks? Here's What Works Now

ipad-820272_640-300x199  Your website can either be a great way to promote your brand and extend your reach or it can be a money pit that you pay for every month that offers no return. It’s all in the search engine optimization, and how easily your site is found through organic searches. If your site is relying on SEO methods from even a year ago, you’re falling behind.

Google Doesn’t Like Non-Responsive Sites Anymore

If you have a website that isn’t responsive, meaning it responds and resizes the site for whatever display a visitor is using; then it’s a good possibility Google has moved your site lower in the organic search results. The solution is to upgrade your website to be mobile-ready and the reasons why are compelling. Recent stats show 89 million Americans use their mobile browsers to get online, and 53% do so at least one time per day. If your site isn’t ready for mobile traffic, you’re missing out.

Unique Content Works

There is no way around it. To keep your site fresh and interesting to both search engines and visitors, you must offer unique, quality content. A blog is always a great idea, but it’s also a commitment. Once you start blogging, you need to do it regularly and post topics that show you are an expert in your market. If time to create blog posts is an issue, outsource your blogging duties. Another option is to look in-house for talent, you may just have a creative writer on staff that can let their passion for your company and product knowledge shine through in their posts.

Inbound Links Need to be Quality to Count

Google’s algorithm updates of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird were all designed to reduce spam, pull websites using black hat techniques out of organic searches, and level the playing field for sites doing everything by the rules of good netiquette. This means if you once counted on a link farm for your inbound links, that ship has sailed. Inbound links still count but several factors will go into how much they help (or hurt) your site. If it’s a site that is in the same niche or would naturally be linking to you, congrats you are doing it right. It’s okay to guest blog on other sites and link to your own, just make sure the site you link from would be within the realm of commonsense or the algorithm may discount your effort. For example, Nancy’s Shoes probably wouldn’t have a reason to link to Liu Travel Service, so the blog post linking from Nancy’s to Liu’s will most likely not help organic search results.

So, How’s Your Page Speed?

How fast your pages load on your site is important for two reasons. First, Google’s algorithms look for speed in page loading as part of their quality measurements. Second, a slow loading page will cause people to get impatient and surf on.

Use these tips and ramp up your website. This will enable you to entice your visitors to stay and become customers. Also, it shows Google and other search engines your website is a source of valuable, unique information. Want more cool tips in your inbox? Sign up for your free newsletter today. You will receive information and access to articles that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

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