Stop Blogging Badly-Learn What Works

woman-865111_640-300x162  Blogging is a powerful way to use inbound marketing to promote your products and grow your brand. However, blogging done badly can be damaging and drive away people from your site faster than you can say, “Get me off this page!” We are going to go over the things that work and the things that don’t for blogging.

Your Blog is Your 24/7 Ambassador for Your Brand

Your blog never sleeps, make sure it’s showing content that promotes your products. Informational posts showing how products work, uses, reviews, and benefits are all good things to have on a blog. You don’t want poorly written posts representing you, or posts that are just an image and a link to make a purchase. That’s like a salesperson walking up, tossing a flyer at someone and shouting, “The cash register is over there!” while walking away.

Comments on Your Posts are Opportunities

Yes, there are trolls and people who live to be negative on the Internet. Then, there are legit comments that will tell you what your company is doing right as well as when the ball has been dropped. Compliments are great to get and they make you feel good. But the truth is in the critique. Taking an issue and solving it or finding a better way to do a task internally based on a problem a customer brought to your intention, is how you go from merely good to greatness as a company.

Don’t Blog if You Don’t Know “The Why”

The human brain is a marvel, it can hold and process reams of information. However, the part of the brain that controls decision making, has no capacity for language. So, giving people how your widget works, and specifications of what your company does are great. But the final decision has to feel right, and that’s where knowing the “why” comes in. If you and your salespeople cannot articulate why you do what you do, why should anyone buy from you? If you can give your visitors  the valid reasons of why you do what you do in your blog posts, they will justify a reason to do business with you every time.

Blogs Need Social Interaction to Grow

If your blog doesn’t have a symbiotic relationship with your social media, you’re missing out big time on a way to grow your brand. Remind readers to like, comment, and share. One idea to entice more engagement is to have Facebook contests that require liking, commenting, and sharing a blog post.

Your Blog Will Age and Die Fast Without Regular Posts

Nothing, but nothing looks worse than a blog that was started and had regular posts, then sort of fell off. Finally, left to gather dust. In order to have a successful blog promoting your brand, you need to do the following basics:

  1. Create a regular posting schedule and adhere to it.
  2. Involve your team in content creation ideas.
  3. Optimization of content is crucial to getting found online.

Outsource Your Content Creation

Running a business often doesn’t leave time to stay up to date on the current pulse of search engine optimization, and not knowing the latest changes in algorithms can certainly hurt you. One way to ensure that your posts are timely, well-written, optimized, and created with your visitors in mind is to utilize an outside firm for your content creation. Communication about your company and products are key here, and your suggestions for content will be incorporated into a posting creation profile designed uniquely for your business. Outsourcing your content creation may be one of the smartest decisions you make for your inbound marketing.

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
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