The 4Ps – Rules of Internet Marketing

macbook-925387_640-300x199Want to ensure your online marketing efforts are effective AND meet expected targets? If so, it’s time to go back to the basics. Forget black-hat tricks that may help for a short period of time but end up costing you in the long run. The basic rules – the 4Ps of marketing – are just as applicable to online marketing as they are to offline marketing. Let’s take a look at each of them here…

  1. People
    Know your target audience and take time to properly research them. Learn their preferences, the time that they are online, the online sites that they frequently visit and the topics that interest them. This enables you to tailor the messages to reach the right people, at the right time and in the right way.
  2. Place
    This is the mode that you will use to market yourself or the company online. There are various Internet marketing tools that are suitable for different goals or products, so choose wisely. You do NOT need every crazy new tool that comes on the market. Also, focus on WHERE you should be marketing. Everything is NOT created equaly. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Marketing on Facebook and Twitter will enable you to reach a wider market of different age groups based on things like interests.
  3. Product
    Know your product well and the way you can best make it seem appealing online. Through Internet marketing, you may post pictures of the tangible products and highlight their main features. For services, you could give descriptions and video testimonials as well.
  4. Promotion
    Promotion methods, whether paid or unpaid, are very necessary in successful online marketing campaigns so that you’re visible and stand out from all the other marketing messaging that bombards your target audience on a regular basis. And the best part? There are a variety of ways you can promote yourself: retargeting ads, banner ads, sponsored ads and keywords and phrases, just to name a few.

Great Content

When you’re trying to reach people online, you need to remember that attention spans are shorter so you’ll need to be saying (or doing) something interesting to keep them glued to their screens. Use catchy phrases that are short and easily digestible. Also keep in mind that pictures are worth a thousand words, so choose wisely.

Data Analysis

Monitoring your online marketing activity is essential in helping you analyze what’s working well – and what’s not. Having Google Analytics installed on your site will help you track where the traffic to your site is coming from, as well as key demographic data about your online audience. Armed with such information, you’ll be able to make better choices and incorporate more successful strategies in your future Internet marketing efforts.

Always Be Improving

Even when you meet your targets, you should ALWAYS be pushing to get better. Why? Because we live in an age of information overload and slacking off will result in your site getting lost in all the “noise.” Strive to keep yourself relevant. Make sure you stay visible to your target audience and keep engaging them with interesting posts and/or information. Keep your website and pages appealing and update your site regularly. Regardless of whether you handle your online marketing activities or they are handled by an agency, keeping these tips in mind will help ensure that your online marketing efforts aren’t for nothing.

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