Why Your Landing Page Fails and Theirs Succeeds

office-605503_640-300x199  How’s your landing page? Is it doing its job for you or (come on, be honest we’re friends here) does it need a little help? The answer is in the metrics. If your landing page has a job to collect leads, they should be coming in and increasing over time. If your CTA on your page is for a purchase, are sales up or down? If leads are falling off or sales are at a plateau, it’s time to visit the idea of reimagining your layout. Here are some reasons your page isn’t performing and some of the smartest moves you can make in a landing page design:

Your visitors aren’t sure what to do

A clunky, junked up landing page is the number one issue with a page that isn’t doing its job. There should always be a clear CTA on the page. Don’t give too many choices. If you want leads, have a single page to do that. Ditto for pages with sales. Organization is key. You want visitors to never feel overwhelmed by choices. The CTA should be the thing that stands out most, this way you get the desired action on the page.

Don’t ask for a personal bio

For lead generation efforts especially, don’t ask for a lot of personal information. You can get that later when the visitor is a client. In the meantime, set up your lead generation to gather the least amount of information you need to move forward.

Don’t overwhelm with text

It’s a fact, people don’t like pages with tons of text to read. They generally want to skim for what they are looking for and move on. Make your landing pages easy to read with bulleted lists, easy-to-read font, and bolded subheadings for a quick and easy read.

Don’t overwhelm with images

Humans are visually-driven creatures, and that also means we are easily distracted. Never more so than on a webpage. Poor landing page additions can be chat popup boxes, videos that have nothing to do with the purpose of the landing page, and animated ads. All of these distract from the CTA. Your landing page should be designed to calmly direct your visitors to complete an action.

Show elements that build trust

Your brand isn’t as well known as some of the big-name players on the web, so you need to show your site is trustworthy and safe to use. Above the fold, show badges for the online safety organizations you’re affiliated with. Hacker Safe, Truste, and Thawte are all good protection seals to show to visitors.

Those are just some of the main elements to make certain reside in your landing page. It’s always a good idea to design two landing pages and split test them. Learn to fail fast doing the testing, and never get too attached to a single design. Because the nature of the market is ever-changing, what works today will need to be ramped up in the near future. Use these tips as a guideline for design elements, and you’ll have a high performing landing page.

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      Want to know if your marketing efforts are actually working? If so, download our FREE Marketing Audit!
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