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Get More Attention with These Online Marketing Techniques

Marketing isn’t the same as it was ten years ago. With digital advancements, marketing is no longer all about billboards and full-page spreads in the local magazine. Are you making the most of online marketing opportunities? If you’re not, you’re losing out on plenty of attention from potential customers and clients. People are spending more… Read More


Why Your Employees Are Your Best Asset for Building Your Brand Image

Take a second and look around. Brand imaging is everywhere, especially on social media. There’s no denying that social media engagement has become crucial to a digital marketing strategy, but managing your brand across multiple social media platforms is a lot of work, not to mention time consuming. Small businesses run up against the same… Read More


The Lead Generation Tips Every Accounting Firm Needs to Know

Creating successful lead generation strategies for your accounting firm can be a frustrating process. In the accounting industry, your services are needed and required, but they also aren’t something that most clients are excited about fitting into the budget. Your potential clients know that competition among accounting firms gives them the upper hand. You need… Read More


Mastering the Art of Putting the Right Content on the Right Platforms

Do you know the biggest mistake some businesses make when it comes to content? They post that content on every single social media platform they can imagine, and hope for the best. But this scattershot, one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work, because it ignores something very valuable in the marketing process: the audience. You can’t put… Read More

3 Strategies to Make Your Brand Story Truly Stand Out

Stories are powerful. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, film or print, a good story has the power to impact people emotionally and change lives. And for centuries, people have not only been turning to storytelling for entertainment but for education and persuasion because of a story’s power to connect and impact audiences. And because connecting… Read More


What Sort of Impact Will WhatsApp’s New Business API Have?

In July of 2017, WhatsApp boasted 450 million active users per month. With so many users and thousands of businesses looking to reach them, the new Business API has potential. The API can help companies reach their target audience through advertisements that lead to chat boxes. It can assist in shipping confirmations, appointments reminders, and event… Read More

Q&A: Rebranding 101

Thinking about rebranding?  If so, here are the 6 most common questions we’re asked about it, as well as our honest-to-goodness opinions 1. What leads to a company rebranding? Companies rebrand because something isn’t working, or because they’ve gone through a major PR crisis. When we say something isn’t working, we’re talking about marketing that… Read More

Q&A: 3 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Generating Highly-Qualified Insurance Leads

We personally think voicemail drops are a really effective way for insurance companies to generate leads, because you can target prospects with valuable offers without interrupting the flow of their daily activity. The key with voice drops for insurance companies is making sure that your message is short and relevant. What are you offering? A free insurance… Read More

Q&A: 3 Tips for Using Chatbots as a Small Business Owner

You’ve probably heard quite a bit recently about how chatbots are the “in” thing that every small business owner needs to be using.  If you’re thinking about setting one up for your business, here’s a high-level primer that walks you through the foundational basics, sans the over-hyped hoopla many self-proclaimed guru’s are peddling. First and… Read More

A Beginner’s Guide To Geo-Conquesting

Location-based marketing is more than just a ‘thing,’ it’s become an essential part of marketing, especially for small businesses that want a bigger piece of their local marketing pie. In fact, SEO and content marketing expert Pratik Dholakiya said local marketing most benefits four types of businesses: plumbing and electric, legal services, repair shops, and… Read More

The Real Reasons Why You Need To Add Link Retargeting To Your Marketing Arsenal

As marketing tools expand so does the number of businesses using those tools, which means you’re embroiled in a dog-eat-dog war with your competitors for prospects. Instead of filling you with dread, that fact should stir the fighter in you to harness every new resource at your disposal. One of those resources could be link… Read More

Q&A: Must-Use Marketing Analytics Tools for Small Business

There’s a few go-to tools that I love, starting with Google Analytics, which pretty much sets the standard for everything you need when it comes to tracking what’s happening on your website, including analyzing lead generation strategies, tracking conversion rates, and measuring the effectiveness of the website in keeping visitors engaged. It’s really a one-stop shop… Read More

Q&A: How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Social media is the great equalizer for customers, because they can interact directly with businesses and express their wants and needs as well as their satisfaction and dissatisfaction with a product or service. And brands have responded by creating social media cha nnels wh ere they engage with customers, solicit opinions and suggestions, and respond… Read More

Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses: 3 Strategies Most Gurus Aren’t Telling You About

As a small business owner, you need outstanding products and services, but you also need a distinct presence to compete with other companies in your industry. Because if you can’t communicate the qualities that make your business different, why would you expect customers to choose you over the company down the street? And one of… Read More

Twitter Isn’t Dead, You Just Have to Be Smart in How You Use It

Once considered the king of the social media world, Twitter use among users has decreased, while other platforms, like Facebook and Instagram have risen to the top. Yet, despite its decline in the hierarchy of social media giants, Twitter is still a valuable tool for marketers. Contests, customer service and networking opportunities are still very… Read More

Marketing Q&A: What Is The Absolute Worst Social Media Mistake People Make?

One of the most common bad social media practices involves brands that have no idea to whom they are marketing. So they end up with campaigns that are scattershot and one-size-fits-all, which ultimately results in consumer confusion. The most important thing companies must do before starting any type of social media campaign is ask this… Read More

Marketing Q&A: Why Are The Holidays The Perfect Time For A Social Media Facelift?

The holiday season is synonymous with things like spending quality time with family, traveling, cooking, planning/attending parties… and of course, shopping, which is why if you’re a small business owner, updating your social media profiles is a MUST!  If you want to close out the year on a high note and get that one final… Read More

Marketing Q&A: What Are The Hottest Content Marketing Trends Heading Into The End of 2017?

I think the big content marketing trend heading into the end of 2017 is still live streaming and how it can help brands engage and convert prospects into long-term customers. Facebook Live has really upped the live stream game, and you’re seeing huge brands as well as smaller companies utilize this social media tool. Live… Read More


Marketing Q&A: What Are The Best Marketing Strategies Right Now?

I think influencer marketing has worked wonders, because it has helped me establish my credibility and authority as an agency owner. Getting on the radar of an influencer can take a lot of work. It also requires patience and diligence, because establishing your credentials with someone who is already an authority requires a specific strategy.… Read More


Marketing Q&A: What Are Some Of The Most Effective Financial Marketing Strategies?

I think it’s really important for financial services companies to market with one question in mind: How do we help our customers better understand what we offer?  Because more so than many other businesses, the financial services industry has a lot of technical jargon and concepts that many consumers simply don’t understand. So how should… Read More


What Is Good Content… and More Important, Why You Don’t Truly Know

The irony about content marketing is that many people focus on the ‘marketing’ part to the detriment of the ‘content’ aspect, which really defeats the purpose. Because the quality of your content will largely determine the effectiveness of your marketing, and if your content isn’t up to snuff, you better figure out what’s wrong. As… Read More


5 Steps To Target Your Market Today and Make a Killing

What’s one of the biggest mistakes you’re making right now? No, it’s not your prices or your content marketing strategy, it’s something much more important: You’re not targeting your market in the right way. You can’t achieve great marketing returns if you haven’t properly targeted your market, because the “who” determines the “how.” Marketing guru… Read More


Successful Marketing 101: Effective Financial Marketing Strategies

I think it’s really important for financial services companies to market with one question in mind: How do we help our customers better understand what we offer? Because more so than many other businesses, the financial services industry has a lot of technical jargon and concepts that many consumers simply don’t understand. So how should… Read More


How to Use Gamification Marketing to Attract or Retain Customers

If you’re trying to entice new customers, gamification is effective because you are rewarding consumers for sampling your products and services. So for example, if you have a rewards offer for new customers that offers them a free product or service of equal price for every two products or services they buy, you are offering a valuable… Read More


7 Tips for Marketing Success With Limited Resources And Unlimited Demand

As a marketing professional, it is your responsibility to help transform your businesses to be more agile, to react to the disruptive market forces within your industry. In order to achieve this, you need resources that can assist your company in executing your decisions.Good leaders form mutually beneficial partnerships for long term strategic growth. We… Read More


4 Quick Tips for Creating an Uber-Awesome Company Newsletter

1.  Newsletters should always be a good mix of content, coupled with some sort of call-to-action.  Straight sales pitches are NOT newsletters and you will have people unsubscribing faster than you can say “told you so”  if that’s the method to your madness. 2.  Pay attention to design and layout.  Newsletters that are just haphazardly thrown together are not going… Read More


How to Use Social Media on Valentine’s Day

Social media engagement has become one of the most important ways for digital marketers to reach their targeted audience, because so many people engage, debate and make purchase decisions on these platforms. And that’s especially true on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, which offers companies a date tailor-made for social media outreach through a… Read More


The Three Don’ts of Internet Marketing That You Must Absolutely Avoid

When you’re trying to increase your business’ online presence, you want to utilize strategies that are beneficial, and avoid those that are costly and time-consuming with a low yield. One good thing about Internet marketing is that it enables you to make quick, course-correcting decisions once you realize what’s not working. So to help guide… Read More


3 Sure-Fire Signs That Your Online Marketing Strategy Is From the Stone Age

There’s no question that marketing your business is the key to attracting and sustaining your targeted consumers. But if you employ outdated marketing strategies, you may find yourself unfavorably compared to a competitor who has seized on the most up-to-date methods to brand its business and appeal to motivated consumers. So how exactly do you… Read More

Use It, Don’t Lose It: Building and Maintaining a Powerful Online Reputation

You can manage just about every aspect of your business online. You probably already rely on the Internet to build robust marketing campaigns, manage your payroll, and track inventory, but if you’re anything like my clients, you’ve likely failed to focus on one very important area: reputation management. When our mothers and fathers were starting… Read More

You’re Falling Off the Google Cliff – And I’ve Got Your Lifeline

How many overwhelmingly positive SEO experiences have you had? Where the page you painstakingly optimized actually performed as expected? The traffic flowed steadily, you received a number of quality backlinks, and even generated a number of sales. It’s pretty hard to do in the hypercompetitive world of 2016, and it feels amazing when you succeed… Read More

Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot: A Hire Every Company Needs to Make TODAY

As an entrepreneur, you know how hard it is to acquire customers. You have to invest aggressively in marketing, provide unbeatable products and services, and do everything else in your power to build trust in your brand. Good first impressions are essential to turning website visitors into paying customers, yet many business owners in {ip:cityName}… Read More

Don’t Lose Out On Local Listings

One of the most important parts of online reputation management is maintaining what are known as your local listings. Your local listings are the information you will find about your business on websites and applications designed to give consumers localized information about the area around them. Some of the most well known places where these… Read More

Reputation Management – What It Is, And Why You Need It

One term you will hear sooner or later once you get into business online is “Reputation Management”. The basic concept existed long before the Internet. The Internet, however, has made the concept a mission critical part of any online business. With customers (both happy and angry) being able to communicate their thoughts to the world… Read More

The Fallacies of DIY Marketing

A huge number of people offer advice on online marketing. Newsletters fall into inboxes like confetti. There are variations, but the message is generally the same: I (whoever is sending you the email) have worked with more companies than you can shake a stick at and transformed both their understanding of online marketing and its… Read More

If Your Content Is Just Like Everyone Else’s Then, Really – What’s the Point?

AtoZ Inc knows it needs to be doing more online marketing. The marketing director hires an online marketing manager (a young one, not long out of college because online marketing is, like, young, you know, it’s a young thing. Look at Zuckerberg and those young guys from Snapchat). The director tells the manager the URLs… Read More

Importance of Engagement Over Other Metrics

It’s possible to have hundreds of thousands – even millions – of Facebook and Twitter followers and not sell much. The focus we see so often on “followers” can disguise the fact that followers aren’t necessarily buyers. They may not even be particularly engaged with your brand. A number of things can bring a nice… Read More

What Marketers Need to Know About “The Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is much talked about and perhaps slightly less understood. The IoT is, in effect, every single smart device in the world, pictured as a single network. By “smart” we mean that a device has embedded in it the ability to communicate with the mothership – the place where it was… Read More


Why Social Media Guarantees Business Success

Some things don’t change – and some do. Among those that stay the same from decade to decade (and, probably, century to century) are the qualities a business person needs. Tenacity. Resilience. Commitment and vision. Thomas Edison had all of those. Edison, though, did not operate in today’s environment. If he had, he’d have known… Read More

Omni-Channel Marketing: What You Need to Know

Competition is at an all-time-high today and marketers are having a difficult time pushing through the clutter to reach customers. Some marketing strategies have become outdated, others ineffective, but for the most part, it is simply the fact that consumers are on to all of those little marketing tricks. Since everything is in a constant… Read More

9 Marketing Trends That Will Set Your Business Apart in 2016

The business environment today is quite complex and customer groups are diverse, well-informed, and demanding; characteristics of people with high expectations, and zero tolerance towards businesses that fail to deliver. Remaining visible and relevant to such customers is not an easy feat, and it requires making profound changes in how businesses market themselves in the… Read More

How to Develop a More Memorable Brand in 2016

Fifteen or more years ago, IBM had a series of TV commercials in which a businessman reading a newspaper says to another, ‘It says here, the Internet changes everything.’ The other man says, ‘How?’ and the first man replies, ‘It doesn’t say.’ Then came video clips showing some of the ways the Internet was changing… Read More

Easy Postcard Marketing Tips To Make The Greatest Impact

Are you looking to create a marketing campaign that will be beneficial to your business and your entire customer base? If so, postcards are the way to go. Now, before you write this off as some antiquated marketing method, here us out: statistics have shown time and time again that direct mail IS still effective,… Read More

7 Things That Can Hurt Your Business

In the planning stages, it’s easy to imagine your business is open, sales are pouring in, and you’re pretty much just watching your bank account increase. You can also put in the part where you’re looking at your bank account from your laptop while you’re sitting on the beach in some exotic locale. The reality… Read More

5 Things You Can Do to Rocket Your Sales

Whether your business is the new kid on the block in your market or you’re at a point where sales have plateaued, you know you need to break out ahead of your competitors. Instead of tossing more money into outbound marketing, focus on ramping up your inbound marketing efforts. The good news is, you’re probably… Read More


Don’t Fall Into the “Ultimate Guide” Trap – How to Create Headlines that Aren’t Cliché

There’s a fine line between a great headline and the maligned click-bait headlines that are especially prevalent on social media and blogs. Think of a headline as a promise to your reader. A headline should tell your reader the basics of what to expect in your article or blog post. There shouldn’t be any sensationalism… Read More

Newsletters Aren't Dead, Here's What You Need to Know

Do you remember the mid-1990s when newsletters and e-zines were some of the most prevalent marketing tools out there? Some business owners in {ip:cityName} mailed them, others emailed text-only newsletters which were not amazing to read, but they worked for getting info out there. In the mailers, the graphics were horrible, the typesetting was often… Read More

Lies about Content Marketing You Likely Believe

Unfortunately, marketers and others who work in the world of content marketing spout quite a bit of horse-hooey. While a few of these misleading statements sound great and come from influential people in the industry, there is actually no truth behind them. Following some of this misleading advice can be detrimental to your business and… Read More

The Basics of A/B Testing and How It Can Benefit Your Business

If you offered various versions of the same products, you would obviously know which one was selling the best. If there were a way you could gauge how well your website was doing based on another version of it, there’s no doubt you’d incorporate it as part of your success strategy. This success strategy does… Read More

Not Using Google's AdWords? Here's 4 Reasons Why You Should

Businesses of every type of size have one thing in common: they must market consistently if they wish to gain new customers and grow. Search giant Google offers one of the best ways to market a business – regardless of its industry or size. The world of marketing was changed forever at the turn of… Read More

Marketing and Lead Generation: 3 Unpleasant Yet True Facts

Marketing a business is hard work and something that can quickly overwhelm you. You have to generate leads, nurture them, be a customer service expert, make tons of follow-up phone calls and send out lots of follow-up newsletters. As exhausting as it all is, marketing and lead generation must be two of your main priorities… Read More

Are You Paying Attention to These 3 Digital Marketing Strategies?

By nature, digital marketing is a strange beast that’s always changing. As soon as you think you’ve conquered marketing online, along comes another trend that prompts you to change gears yet again. The good news is that there are experts out there who make it their business to inform the rest of us what marketing… Read More

Website Performing Poorly? Here Are the Top 3 Reasons Why

Your business website should be a place online that your target market finds easily. Then, once they land on your site, your visitors should easily find all the information they’re looking for. But if your site is not performing well because you’re not getting traffic– or people leave it shortly after landing on it, you’ve… Read More

3 Secrets to Getting Your Pricing Right as a 2015 Small Business

While there have been some recent improvements to the economy, most retailers today are dropping their prices in a bid to improve upon their sales numbers. Even though consumers have enjoyed paying far less for gasoline thus far this year, overall consumer confidence in the economy is shaky at best. This consumer caution means that… Read More

Your Site Has Been Hacked… Now What?

You’ve worked hard to build your website. You keep your content current and credible and as a result, you’re seeing an upswing in traffic. Then, out of the blue, traffic takes a nosedive.  And when you start to investigate, you realize why: your site has been hacked!  Visitors may find that there’s a server error,… Read More

Summer – The Ideal Time for Your Small Business Marketing Checklist Review

Summertime is when most of us try to slow down the pace a bit so we can get outdoors and enjoy all types of activities that make summertime special. This is when people take their big vacations they’ve planned all year and when attending barbeques and other outdoor social events is a top priority. Summertime… Read More

Make the Most of Your Offline Marketing with These 5 Easy Tips

Even though online marketing is front and center today, it still pays to market your business offline. Offline marketing is far from obsolete and in fact, it’s one of the best ways to help ensure your message gets across to your target market. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your offline… Read More

Don't Spend Another Minute on Facebook If You're Doing These 4 Things

By now, most businesses realize that they need to have a strong presence on Facebook as the world’s number one social media channel is a great way to connect with both current and prospective customers. But getting the most out of Facebook is not something every business knows how to do. The good news is… Read More

Is Your SEO Service Provider Compliant with the Dreaded Google Penguin & Panda Updates?

Most people think of cute animals when they hear the words “Penguin” and “Panda” but for many search engine optimization service providers, these two words are to be feared. Google’s Penguin and Panda are algorithm updates that play separate roles in improving the overall experience of online users. While algorithm updates should be primarily a… Read More

Website Conversion Woes? : 3 Reasons People are Leaving Your Site

So you’ve done everything you can to convert those website visitors into leads and paying customers. Your website copy is top-notch, your product images are of the best quality and your overall site design is professional. So why aren’t those visitors you’re getting converting into leads and paying customers? Business owners commonly complain about poor… Read More

Does Your SEO Service Provider Ensure Compliance with Google's Penguin and Panda Updates?

While Google attaches cute animal names to its algorithm updates like ‘Penguin” and “Panda”, these updates are viewed by many SEO service providers as anything but cute and cuddly. Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithms every year.  And while we don’t hear about most of these changes, some of these updates get a… Read More

Choose the Right SEO Service Provider for Your Business

Why We’re the Right SEO Provider For Your Business Nearly every SEO provider out there today is quick to say they’re the answer to your online marketing woes. Frankly, the SEO industry has become saturated with many unqualified companies all claiming to be experts. But we are a premiere SEO provider with a proven track… Read More

3 Secrets to Getting More Social Shares… Without Turning Off Your Readers

If you’re on top of your marketing game, you should be in the habit of sharing each new post your write on the social web. If you are not seeing the results you want on social media because you’re not getting many likes, shares and comments, then you’re doing something wrong. As social media consultant… Read More

3 Secrets to Hitting a Homerun with Your Content Marketing

Not surprisingly, content continues to be one of the key aspects of online marketing in 2015. But what worked last year may not work now as the methods of marketing content have shifted. Businesses today that invest heavily in content marketing are seeing big returns. However, you don’t have to be a big business in… Read More

4 Website Design Makeover Tips to Take Your Site from Average to Wow!

Did you know that marketers redesign their websites on average every 18 to 24 months? Site redesigns happen this frequently due to the fact that the world changes considerably in 18 to 24 months including many businesses and consumers. What worked two years ago may not work today with all types of factors coming into… Read More

Could This Be Why Nobody is Watching Your Marketing Videos?

Researchers tell us that we’re now watching well over 160 billion hours of online video each year. Nowadays, all the big brands and savvy marketers are turning to video to promote products and services to cash in on the many benefits video marketing has to offer. If you’ve created and posted your own videos online… Read More

How to Automate Your Social Channels Without Sacrificing Engagement

Running a business is not easy and time seems to work against you when you’ve got a lot on your plate each day. One of those tasks that must be attended to regularly is maintaining your social channels so that you always have a consistent flow of content to share with your followers. But cranking… Read More

What's your Story? Storytelling is Poised to be the Next Marketing Darling

Every year or so, it seems there is a new “marketing darling” that turns the business world on end. For instance, blogging was considered the thing to do a few years ago which was quickly followed by guest posting when every marketer and his brother rushed to find businesses willing to allow them to write… Read More

Leads, Leads, And More Leads Through Blog Article Promotion

We have all heard it before, write consistent blog posts, promote them, and revel in the number of website visits that will invariably end up coming in.  However, all the positive effects of such a blog writing process takes time to materialize, generally in the scope of a couple of years.  Realize though, that the… Read More

Pinterest as a Marketing Tool? Are you Kidding Me? Nope, We're Not!

There’s a lot of buzz in marketing circles about Pinterest and for good reason. This image-based social sharing site can drive incredible amounts of traffic to your website. And using it is easier than you may think. Here are a few tips for getting started on Pinterest that will help you get the most out… Read More

5 Free, No-Strings Attached Ways to Market Your Small Business

The chances are that when you launched your small business, you figured that marketing was going to be easy because after all, you were offering a product that your targeted consumers needed. But once you got rolling, you probably quickly figured out that marketing a small business is not a walk in the park. In… Read More

Word of Mouth Marketing: Be a Blabbermouth But in the Right Way

You can have an very unique and innovative product that solves a major problem people have but if nobody knows about it, your business is doomed. Every business owner in {ip:cityName} knows how important it is to keep tabs on what people are saying about them and their brand on and off line but not… Read More

Why 2015 is the Year to Implement Your Video Marketing

Are you planning to make a purchase online? If so, there’s a good chance you have viewed a video on the product. After all, videos are much more effective when you want to learn the features of a product you are considering buying. Also, it is much less time consuming to watch videos, rather than… Read More

Are your Best Workers Quitting? Here's How to Hold Onto Your Most Valuable Staff

Employee retention matters to any business and it matters a lot! Any business that is able to retain key, talented staff is much better off in the long run. Your best workers help you sell products and services, they ensure your customers are satisfied and they go far in keeping co-workers in check. In a… Read More

Sexying Up Your Unsexy Business Through the Art of Story-Telling

While there are many brands that are inherently sexy wherein it’s easy to market the products and services being sold, most businesses don’t have the privilege of having sexy or riveting products to make marketing a cinch. But it doesn’t matter how snooze-worthy your products and services may be — regardless if you’re selling bathroom… Read More

Still Ignoring Social Media? Then Your Marketing Efforts are Falling Short

Some business owners in {ip:cityName} which may include you, come up all types of reasons why they don’t use social media for marketing purposes. Some say they don’t market on social media because their customers don’t use it, others say social media is for teenagers while many say they just don’t have time to bother.… Read More

Let’s Get Visual: Using Instagram for Business

It’s time that we accept something. It might be a little weird at first, but it’s a pretty big deal. Instagram is no longer just for teenage selfies and pictures of gourmet dishes. No, it’s become a legitimate tool that can be really valuable for businesses. If you’re not already on Instagram, don’t panic.  There’s… Read More

What the Ice Bucket Challenge Teaches Us About Marketing

If you use social media, last summer you undoubtedly watched a countless number of videos consisting of celebs and non-celebs alike having buckets of ice cold water dumped over their heads. The Ice Bucket Challenge was created to increase awareness of and raise money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease as it’s… Read More

Marketing To Millennials? Give Them What They Want

The Millennial Generation consists of people born from the early ’80s to the early 2000’s, making them the largest generation by population size. Without question, this generation is the most radically different generation since the industrial revolution. With the introduction of the internet and all the social channels that go along with it, the Millennial… Read More

Inbound Marketing Strategy – Go With The Grain And Break Into The Field

A Tae Kwon Do expert realizes how to properly break a board and always splits it with the grain.  These individuals understand that it is difficult, if not impossible, to break a board against the grain.  An inbound marketing strategy is like breaking a board with the grain and is the easiest path to success.… Read More

Are You Making These 4 Classic Content Marketing Blunders?

Regardless of what type of business you’re running, the chances are that you’re doing some sort of content marketing. After all, it’s a fairly ambiguous term that covers a lot of territory. But while you may be doing content marketing, are you confident that it’s working? Numerous surveys have suggested that many businesses are uncertain… Read More

Email Marketing Woes? Are Your Messages Impersonal and Boring?

Anybody who thinks email marketing is dead and gone should just take a look at their inbox as they’re sure to see definite signs of life. Contrary to what many people believe, email marketing is very much alive and well and if used in conjunction with a sound content marketing strategy, email can be extremely… Read More

Should Instagram Be Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Even though Facebook continues to reign as the world’s most popular social network, other visual-based social platforms have been gaining momentum the past couple of years like Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram. There are now over 150 million active users and counting on Instagram making this social platform one that cannot be ignored. In fact, a… Read More

Tips for Business Owners Who Should Be Marketing But Don't Know How To

An entrepreneur can succeed in his or her endeavors without being a marketer or sales expert. In fact, you don’t have to have one marketing bone in your body in order to find success with your business. This may sound a bit strange because after all, every entrepreneur goes into business to sell something, right?… Read More

Negative SEO Is a Marketing Bogeyman That Can Sabotage Your Website

Anyone who spends any time at all looking around online for search engine optimization news and information has seen a lot of buzz lately about negative SEO. What is negative SEO you ask? Negative SEO occurs when someone makes an attempt to lower a website’s rankings in the search engines. An easy way to look… Read More

4 Secrets to Modernize Your Social Media Campaign

Social Media platforms have become a valuable marketing tool for businesses large and small.  Many experts suggest that maintaining presence on a variety of social media platforms is vital to the overall success of a social media marketing campaign.  To get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, strategically using a variety of… Read More

Crush Your Competitors with These 4 Marketing Tactics

As a small business owner in {ip:cityName}, you already know that the better job you do of marketing your business, the greater your success will be. With so many new small businesses launching each day, the chances are that you have some direct competitors that are vying for the same customers you’re targeting. In order… Read More

11 Superb Ideas for Creating Content You Probably Never Thought Of

It’s important for businesses to regularly create content to share as content marketing is one of the best ways to gain exposure and increase the number of customers you have. It’s absolutely essential that you create relevant content that your current and prospective customers will find useful. Of course, it’s difficult and time-consuming to try… Read More

SEO: Then & Now – Oh What a Difference a Few Years Can Make!

With Panda, Penguin and all the other updates coming out of Google regularly, SEO has transformed over the years. What worked a few years ago, doesn’t work today as Google and the other search engines are constantly making improvements to provide internet users with an improved experience. If you were to look at a webpage… Read More

Topic Ideas You Probably Haven't Thought Of For Your Small Business Blog

Most small businesses don’t have unlimited funds available to take advantage of all the many marketing strategies out there. That’s why blogging is a great way to get noticed online as it doesn’t cost anything to write and publish articles to place on your blog. Blogging is a great way to draw new customers to… Read More

Managing Your Online Reputation

In today’s day and age, the online reputation of a business is considered as important as any other aspect of running a successful company.   These days, prospective clients and consumers have the ability to check out a business’ reviews right at their fingertips.  With a majority of the population now using smart phones and checking… Read More

3 Up and Coming Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2015

It’s that time of the year once again when small business owners in {ip:cityName} wonder what direction to take with their social media marketing campaigns. It’s important to keep in step with the most current social media trends as doing so will help ensure success in terms of establishing solid relationships with current customers and… Read More

SEO for 2015: 3 Hot Tips For Helping Your Small Business Thrive

Now that the new year is here, it’s time once again for business owners in {ip:cityName} to focus on making sure their marketing and SEO efforts are dusted off, fine-tuned and in step with the times. While the intent is not to bore you by bringing up the past, it is important to know what… Read More

Tips for Planning an Out-of-this-World 2015 Video Marketing Strategy

A fabulous and effective video marketing strategy starts with a unique and original idea. Potential customers won’t be interested in something they have seen before, so you want to capture their attention and keep it in order to make a sale. If you haven’t already done so, join the YouTube community. YouTube has become one… Read More

Prepare Your Digital Marketing Campaign for 2015

The digital marketing landscape of 2015 is going to look considerably different than before, so now is the ideal time to prepare your business marketing for the coming year. Early implementation of your new digital marketing campaign can give you a head start in 2015! Adjust Your Website for the Mobile Market Digital marketing for… Read More

Increase the Effectiveness of your Social Media Campaign

You might have several social media campaigns in place, but have you ever wondered how effective they really are? It is highly likely that you currently have multiple social media campaigns that require a lot of your time and money, but how do you determine when it is time to pull the plug on a… Read More

Tips for An Out-Of-This-World 2015 Marketing Strategy

2015 is going to be a successful year for many starting business owners in {ip:cityName}, so what better way to start than creating a kick-ass marketing strategy for the new year. Before you start creating your marketing strategy, the most important thing is to research your target group. What type of people will be interested… Read More

Discover The Most Effective Marketing Strategies For 2015

2014 is nearly over and so it is now time to look at marketing strategies for the coming year. The marketing world is constantly changing, so your business should evolve with it as well. Discover the most effective marketing strategies for 2015 and implement them in your business plan for guaranteed success. Clarity In Representation… Read More

7 Tips to Remember If You Want Your Online Content to Stand Out From the Crowd

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have online content that stands out and garners the attention you need to attract new customer prospects. Let’s face it: there’s so much information out there these days that it’s difficult to get your message heard above the din and clamor of that crowded marketplace.… Read More

3 Tips for Planning an Out-of-this-World Inbound Marketing Strategy for 2015

As 2015 approaches, many entrepreneurs are putting the finishing touches on their strategies for the upcoming year. If you’re one of those business owners in {ip:cityName} looking for a new and dynamic way to energize your marketing efforts, a properly-executed inbound marketing strategy can be just what you need to make the next year one… Read More

Creating A Call To Action That Actually Converts

You have finally finished creating the perfect copy; it is written clearly, the content is compelling and engaging, but you’re still not converting customers – why is this? It doesn’t matter how well your copy is written or what it says; if the call to action at the end of the copy is unclear, your… Read More

4 Reasons Why Nobody Is Reading Your Blog

When it comes to content marketing, writers often spend days researching their material and writing what they consider to be a successful copy. After posting it to your blog, you anxiously wait for comments or shares from your audience – only to find that those shares never come. Your spelling is perfect; your grammar is… Read More

QR Codes: Victorious or Disastrous?

There is a love/hate relationship with QR codes for many marketers these days. Many people have difficulties finding the balance of where they belong, if they are actually useful and how much more business can really be generated from their use. If you are considering implementing QR codes into your marketing tactics, there are a… Read More

Are You Exploiting The Benefits Of Online Forums?

Many small business owners in {ip:cityName} don’t immediately turn to open online forums to market their business. In fact, it’s often too easy to forget that an online forum can have a positive impact on your business – but this is a mistake many startup founders make. Using online forums can be helpful not only… Read More

5 Things Your Business Should Avoid on Social Media Part 2

The first part of this article explained two of the mistakes many businesses make on social media that negatively affect the brand and how their audience sees the company. There are three more things to avoid when it comes to your business’ social media etiquette. Begging for followers Begging for followers or subscribers is a… Read More


Don’t Be A Scrooge: Spread Joy With Holiday Email Marketing

The holidays are creeping around the corner – which means Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all of the other big-spending days are coming as well. While it is important to constantly improve your email marketing tactics, the holidays are a great time to increase sales and conversion rates. The holidays are a time to give!… Read More

5 Things Your Business Should Avoid on Social Media Part 1

Making information public about your business through social media is an exciting way to spread news and spread it quickly. Utilizing social media not only helps your business but it shows your audience that you are keeping up with the changing times! It is not only effective to market your company through social media, but… Read More

5 Necessary Formulas for Email Marketing Conversions

It’s been said over and over again – when it comes to email marketing, the subject line is the key to success. If your subject line does not grab the attention of the reader, they will not open it. It is as simple as that. Even if the body of your email contains a voucher… Read More

3 Marketing Myths that are Ruining Your Business

Once you have past the goal of creating a beneficial and necessary product, it seems like marketing is the second most important aspect for your business. Marketing your products and services to the public will be what persuades them to buy or ignore your new products and services, but it is important to remember that… Read More

Marketing Through the Eyes of the Customer

Marketing through social media, content marketing or even email marketing requires a sense of creativity. Even if you’re not exactly the creative type, marketing to your target audience is easy because you imagine what they would want or what kinds of ads they would like to see and you create them, or so you think.… Read More

Destroying Your Landing Page with These 3 Mistakes

The landing page: the most important aspect of your website because it is the first thing a customer sees. Putting all other definitions aside, the landing page has only one job and that is to allow conversions. You want people to encounter your landing page and automatically be turned on to sign up or register… Read More

The Top 10 Marketers You Must Follow via Twitter

As an entrepreneur, receiving marketing tips in any way, shape or form will be beneficial for your business. Sometimes it is difficult to spot which people are educated or experienced enough to hand out advice. Other times it is hard to receive advice for free or view online webinars without paying a small fee. Using… Read More

Why You Should Avoid Content Marketing

Marketing through your content has been around for quite some time. There are many reasons to choose content marketing as another form of marketing for your business. Some people create their content to release information about new products while others simply give recommendations, suggestions and other reasons why their products are better than the competition.… Read More

The #1 Most Successful Marketing Tactic

Back in the day, when televisions first came out and advertising began to grow, a commercial or ad simply had to do one thing: make itself appear better than the competition. As an advertiser or business owner in {ip:cityName}, if you could sell your product and make it feel like more of a necessity than… Read More

Facebook Ad Changes: Adding Value to Advertising

Do you have a business that is heavily reliant on social media platforms to reach your customers? Just in case you missed the announcement, Facebook has made some substantial updates to their advertising options. Fewer Ad Options If you are one of the brave individuals that have tried to make sense of the paid advertising… Read More

Marketing 101: Where Inspiration Hides

For startup founders, whether you’re just beginning or have been in the business for years, marketing can sometimes bring its own form of ‘writer’s block’. With so many ads, commercials and blogs these days, it’s hard to generate fresh or new ideas. Just like movies, many ads are being recreated to suit the business they… Read More

Email Marketing Expectations: The 3 Secrets to Successful Conversions

Email marketing – sometimes you wonder how many people actually still use their email. Everyone is guilty of using an old email to sign up for something just so an employee will stop hassling you or you can use the website without having to worry about bombarding emails. Many businesses probably wonder on a daily… Read More

4 Quick Ways to Generate Fresh Content

If you’re big on content marketing, sometimes coming up with fresh content can be difficult. Because the Internet has so much information readily available, it’s hard to write new material that can catch the attention of the audience. Obviously writing content that has never been written is almost impossible, but generating content does not have… Read More

Do You Like Your Own Advertising?

When you think about commercials and advertisements, there are a few specifics that come to mind. You often remember the funniest ones you’ve seen, or if they have a celebrity that you like, they’re much easier to remember. When you’re trying to come up with the best marketing and advertising gimmick, it’s often difficult to… Read More

4 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is pretty self explanatory. There isn’t a lot to what it entails and it’s pretty easy to do, especially if you have hired the right copywriter. As easy as email marketing may seem, it can be difficult to create a successful marketing strategy that works for everyone. While some emails work for certain… Read More

Benefits of an Online Web Design Class

Becoming an entrepreneur opened the door for many people who felt that door had closed long ago. For some people who never had the opportunity to go to college or the few who didn’t finish high school, running your own business was a dream come true. It provided an opportunity for you to succeed in… Read More

The World of Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation is absolutely essential in today’s business environment. If you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of a well laid out online lead generation campaign, you’re going to be well behind the eight ball. Starting a small business is the easy part. That only involves coming up with a solid idea and business… Read More

3 Small Business Marketing Tips

One of the mysteries of the search engine universe is how to appear in the top rankings on Google’s search results. Website owners are often plagued with the never-ending question: how do I generate more traffic? If you are left without answers to these questions, fear not! There are three secrets to generating more traffic… Read More

Article Writing: Does Yours Need Improvement?

Marketing through article writing is one of the oldest and easiest ways to get the point of your business across. You can include personal experiences, reviews, and your selling point and eventually, get the reason you’re writing the article in the first place: your product. The problem with this marketing strategy is for some reason,… Read More

Avoid the Top 5 Social Media Flaws

Mastering social media marketing isn’t rocket science. Once you get the hang of what you’re doing, it’s easy to figure out how social media can benefit your business. With technology constantly growing and new apps regularly being released, getting the hang of new products to promote your company can be a cakewalk. As easy as… Read More

The Pros and Cons of Search Engine Optimization

When the idea of running your own company or business came along, it was filled with dreams and creative visions that you couldn’t wait to share with the world. Then, the marketing, advertising and financial realities came along and we realized that running a business, company or website is not all sugar and spice. Marketing… Read More

5 Deadly Content Marketing Mistakes That May Be Costing You

Let’s face it: content marketing is an art, and a delicate one at that. Unfortunately, many business owners in {ip:cityName} tend to make mistakes which can render their content marketing efforts useless.  Content marketing has tremendous potential to promote your online business… but very few entrepreneurs are able to successfully tap into its full potential.… Read More

Copywriting Errors: The Not-So-Fantastic 4

Copywriting comes in all shapes and sizes, but most copywriters want to successfully relay similar messages. As long as the reader successfully receives the message or promotion you’re trying to relay, then the copywriting job is well done. Unfortunately, even the best writers can create bad copy. Copywriting requires an edge of creativity that must… Read More

Ever Wished Your Content Would Go Viral? Here Are Some Ways To Make It Happen

One of the keys to content marketing is creating content that potential customers actually want to see and read. But it’s not just enough to create great content, you also have to maximize the number of people who are going to be exposed to it. The best and probably the most common form that content… Read More

5 Ways To Get Banned From Facebook

Over the years Facebook has become a virtual money-generating juggernaut that has angered more than a few of its loyal users by continually changing its policies and tightening its user restrictions while giving many the impression that it is perhaps masquerading as a spy tool to eavesdrop on anyone with an account. Conspiracy theories aside,… Read More

5 Steps To Conducting Great Market Research

Market research is arguably the most important part of putting together a solid and thoroughly constructed business and marketing plan. Those who venture into the endeavor of conducting this research, however, can often find themselves facing information overload. Information resources in general and the internet in particular are saturated with data that can make market… Read More

Acquire and Keep Top Rankings with Quality Content

As evidenced by the thousands of dollars small businesses across the country pay every year on search engine optimization, search engine rankings –particularly those by Google -are essential. Businesses jump through all kinds of hoops and perform all kinds of practices looking to rank on the first page of Google, preferably in the top spot.… Read More

Another Change in Facebook's Algorithm

Advertisers are well aware that Facebook’s algorithm is every-changing. Although this is supposed to make it easier for advertisers, it usually tends to work the opposite way. Without looking at the individual changes themselves, the simple fact that they are always changing makes it difficult for marketers to gauge how effective their efforts will be.… Read More

Facebook Finally Settles On A News Feed Design

If you’re one of the billions of people on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed the ever-changing design of the news feed. Recently, you noticed that it changed again. Whether you think this latest change is for better or worse, there is good news – Facebook says this is what they’ve settled on. That’s right. Facebook claims… Read More

How to Beat Your Competition Using Social Media Marketing

If you start a business in a crowded industry, one thing that will help you in growing your small business is effective marketing. A lot of business owners in {ip:cityName} are forever complaining of how competitive their line of operation is and how their competitors are moving up the ladder of success. Instead of folding… Read More

How To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website Using Social Media

A small business can benefit a great deal from a well performing website. On its own, a website will not do much in terms of visibility but when other strategies are employed to market the website, you can rest assured that the traffic to your physical store will also be on the increase. The advantage… Read More

Effective Content Marketing Strategies with a Limited Budget

The term “content marketing” just sounds expensive, and for many businesses it can be. After all the majority of startup or small businesses are not rolling around in piles and piles of money. The Cost of Good Content Up to 65 percent of companies think that content marketing is too costly; however, at the same… Read More

3 Reasons No One is Filling Out Your Landing Page Form

No matter how much time you spend online, visiting various pages and researching information, most people do not look forward to filling out forms on websites. In fact, this has led to the extreme popularity of Google’s AutoFill, which limits the amount of time that has to be spent filling out mundane and tedious forms.… Read More

How To Write The Best Marketing Content: Fiction Writers Tips

Content marketing is all about telling a story and it is not weird that we can borrow a leaf from fiction writers. The reason why most fiction writers manage to captivate their audience and make them read 1000 pages is because they have mastered the art of writing content that is attractive and tempting. Content… Read More

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Audience For Better Marketing

In a super competitive online space, the only weapon that can help you win the battles between you and your competitors is engaging with your audience. Most businesses both small and big are all using the internet to market their products and services and the going can get really tough. To build awareness, you will… Read More

5 Effective Ways To Promote New Facebook Business Pages

When most people create Facebook pages for their business, they do not know the next step. The reason why you create the page is to boost your online marketing strategy, but first, the page must be visible. This means you need to use any means necessary to get the page in front of your audience… Read More

Merging Your Offline And Online Business Marketing Strategies

As a small or medium size business owner in {ip:cityName}, you probably know that the future of business marketing is digital. Most businesses have migrated to online marketing and have based all their strategies on the internet. Though this is the case, you might be wondering why it is important not to forget about offline… Read More

Marketing Your Business On Instagram

Since 2010, when Instagram was launched, the mobile app is among the fastest growing in its category. Instagram has more than 150 million estimated active users in each month. The application is a simple photo sharing platform that has gained massive popularity and is not showing any signs of going slow. With that said, the… Read More

Google+ Tips For Business Marketing

Google+ is a social networking platform launched by Google in 2011. The platform integrates a number of services to provide users with socializing means in a more professional effective way. Over the few years it has been in existence, the platform has become an integral part of business social media marketing campaigns. Google+ has more… Read More

Using YouTube Marketing? Here’s how To Maximize Its Potential

It is amazing just how many billions of videos are streamed in a month. The good part is that video viewing online is improving by the day as people embrace the use of smartphones. All this information is important to your business because it proves that people can actually watch your YouTube video and get… Read More

Copywriting Mistakes That Will Hold Your Business Back

Now you have your business running for a while and you are using every marketing opportunity and tool you can get your hands on. Your branding is in great shape and your target audience is right, but still, you are not getting the sales you desire. Well, the only reason behind such a situation is… Read More

Social Media Marketing Benefits You Did Not Know About

When most people dive into social media marketing, they expect big things in form of customers flowing into their business and a sharp increase of sales in a short period of time. This is however not the case since building the momentum of social media takes time and the benefits are not always the obvious… Read More

Ingredients For A Perfect Business Website Design

There are many tools in the marketing arsenal for business owners in {ip:cityName} but a website is quite irreplaceable. This is especially due to the fact that the internet has become part of almost everything we do. A business cannot grow without communication and this is why there is branding, catch phrases and marketing. One… Read More

6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing information with users and readers that consider it relevant. There are only a few business owners in {ip:cityName} who can actually hit a home run when it comes to content creation for a marketing campaign. The main reason behind this is the fact that most of them… Read More

6 More Ways To Avoid Looking Stupid On Social Media

In a previous article we discussed ten good ways to avoid looking stupid on social media. You were also informed that there were many other ‘stupid’ social media practices many people practiced which were not covered in that first article. In order to help you avoid as many of these practices as possible, here are… Read More

Types Of Online Advertising That Can Make Or Break Your Webpage

Not all internet advertising is created equally. Not even close! More often than not, placing third-party advertisements on a webpage is necessary to help pay the bills. However, unless you carefully select the best method of advertising to fit your page, you may be scaring viewers away – and fast! The following is a quick… Read More

Website Ranking & The Happy Customer

Is your search engine ranking falling? Worse, is it falling despite great levels of marketing effort? You’ve done plenty of search word optimization and keyword research. You have advertised on various websites, created back links, and followed all of the rules. Why is your search engine ranking still falling? The answer is actually fairly simple.… Read More

8 Ways For Small Local Businesses To Leverage Facebook

It is not only huge companies or ecommerce stores which can leverage Facebook as a potent marketing tool for boosting sales. There are many ways which small brick and mortar stores can also reap the benefits of this marketing tool. While the idea may be the same, the techniques applied will be slightly different than… Read More

Marketing Techniques That Are Counterproductive

The entire point of marketing is to boost sales, increase engagement, brand your business, and keep your company at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always seem to work out the way you originally imagined. If you are putting money, time, and effort into your marketing campaign without seeing any kind of return,… Read More

8 Steps To Developing Email Segmentation

Email segmentation is a viable marketing tool for those wishing to have their emails better convert. Segmentation literally means sending your audience emails which will relate to them in a more personal manner rather than sending out one singular mass email to everyone on your list. It may sound like a hassle, but it isn’t… Read More

How Your Blog & Email Marketing Are Intimately Linked

Many new business owners in {ip:cityName} find themselves confused over the difference between blog content and the content they send out via email marketing. In fact, many feel not only confused but overwhelmed. They wonder where they are going to find the time to create brand new content for their emails and their blogs while… Read More

Where To Find Inspiration For Original Content

Many business owners in {ip:cityName} have confessed having a hard time in finding inspiration for original content. While it may take a lot of time and effort to craft original pieces, finding the inspiration is actually a lot easier than you may think. Numerous sources of inspiration are often forgotten or overlooked completely when in… Read More

Simple Tips For Optimizing Your Page For Semantic Search

Semantic search is a new technique used by the search engines. It is most evident in Google’s new hummingbird algorithm. Basically, semantic search incorporates user intent along with an interpretation of the search itself. These search engines have become smarter so that they may better assess what a search is actually being done for. In… Read More

Tips For A Successful Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

A good email marketing campaign can do wonders for your holiday sales, especially if it is done correctly. While all sorts of online marketing strategies- from social media marketing to search engine adverts- work wonders, there is nothing which quite works like a holiday marketing campaign. It’s much more personal, for starters. It also has… Read More

How The Search Engine Algorithms Are Smarter Now

When the big search engines first started ranking articles the algorithms were actually much simpler. They looked simply at the keywords peppered throughout the article. Let’s say, for example, that one of your keywords is ‘pirate.’ The search engine would simply filter it under a bunch of other articles containing the keyword without reference as… Read More

Tips For Increasing Positive Yelp Reviews

Yelp is an indispensable site when it comes to promoting your business. It allows your customers to leave valuable feedback in the form of reviews. A single negative review on Yelp can severely impact your business if there are not enough counteracting positive reviews. This is why gaining these positive reviews are of the utmost… Read More

How To Plan A Successful Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for many businesses, whether they are online or offline. Millions of people are out searching for deals that will fulfill their holiday shopping lists. They want to buy, but that doesn’t mean they will necessarily buy from you. In order to bring in the millions you… Read More

How To Give Your Content Marketing Efforts Legs To Go The Distance

You’ve left the starting line in the marketing race, but halfway through you’ve begun to realize that you are lacking new and creative ideas.  You’re losing steam and can’t even begin to see the finish line.  Perhaps it is time to pass the baton to a content writer. Hiring a content writer to create quality… Read More

Valuable Business Advice You Can Actually Use – and Free (for a limited time)

If you’re a startup founder, small business owner in {ip:cityName} or are thinking about starting your own business (or know of someone who falls into one of these categories), you NEED Successful Startup 101 magazine. It’s packed full of advice on everything from planning to marketing and everything in between. AND, for a limited time,… Read More

Why Should ‘Klout’ Matter To You?

In an ever-changing marketing world, the word ‘Clout’ should mean something to a growing business.  Clout means power and influence.  As a business, having the power TO influence is what building an effective marketing campaign is all about.  So how do you determine if your marketing campaign is doing what it should?  You can begin… Read More

3 Ways To Leverage National Social Media For Your Dealership

Hundreds of millions of users log into their choice social media every day, looking for some hot news and connecting with their favorite brands and businesses. The only question here is: are they connecting with your local automotive business? How to Use National Social Media for Your Dealership It’s simply insane not to use social media… Read More

Improve your Marketing Strategy Today: Tips Endorsed by the Pros

In the world of marketing there is a huge discussion centered on the shortened attention spans and how the industry must customize their approach in order to be better, faster and much more compelling. In many cases you only have 140 characters, or three seconds to grab a consumer’s attention. So what is it that… Read More