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Lies about Content Marketing You Likely Believe

Unfortunately, marketers and others who work in the world of content marketing spout quite a bit of horse-hooey. While a few of these misleading statements sound great and come from influential people in the industry, there is actually no truth behind them. Following some of this misleading advice can be detrimental to your business and… Read More

3 Secrets to Hitting a Homerun with Your Content Marketing

Not surprisingly, content continues to be one of the key aspects of online marketing in 2015. But what worked last year may not work now as the methods of marketing content have shifted. Businesses today that invest heavily in content marketing are seeing big returns. However, you don’t have to be a big business in… Read More

Are You Making These 4 Classic Content Marketing Blunders?

Regardless of what type of business you’re running, the chances are that you’re doing some sort of content marketing. After all, it’s a fairly ambiguous term that covers a lot of territory. But while you may be doing content marketing, are you confident that it’s working? Numerous surveys have suggested that many businesses are uncertain… Read More

11 Superb Ideas for Creating Content You Probably Never Thought Of

It’s important for businesses to regularly create content to share as content marketing is one of the best ways to gain exposure and increase the number of customers you have. It’s absolutely essential that you create relevant content that your current and prospective customers will find useful. Of course, it’s difficult and time-consuming to try… Read More

4 Reasons Why Nobody Is Reading Your Blog

When it comes to content marketing, writers often spend days researching their material and writing what they consider to be a successful copy. After posting it to your blog, you anxiously wait for comments or shares from your audience – only to find that those shares never come. Your spelling is perfect; your grammar is… Read More

Ever Wished Your Content Would Go Viral? Here Are Some Ways To Make It Happen

One of the keys to content marketing is creating content that potential customers actually want to see and read. But it’s not just enough to create great content, you also have to maximize the number of people who are going to be exposed to it. The best and probably the most common form that content… Read More

Effective Content Marketing Strategies with a Limited Budget

The term “content marketing” just sounds expensive, and for many businesses it can be. After all the majority of startup or small businesses are not rolling around in piles and piles of money. The Cost of Good Content Up to 65 percent of companies think that content marketing is too costly; however, at the same… Read More

How To Write The Best Marketing Content: Fiction Writers Tips

Content marketing is all about telling a story and it is not weird that we can borrow a leaf from fiction writers. The reason why most fiction writers manage to captivate their audience and make them read 1000 pages is because they have mastered the art of writing content that is attractive and tempting. Content… Read More

6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing information with users and readers that consider it relevant. There are only a few business owners in {ip:cityName} who can actually hit a home run when it comes to content creation for a marketing campaign. The main reason behind this is the fact that most of them… Read More