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How Can Local Establishments Improve Their Google Places Rank

The creation of a Google Places app that is made available to iPhone users instantly pushed local businesses to be listed on the Internet. With the convenience and mobility of an app for local listings, consumers now rely more on this. And because of that, business owners in {ip:cityName} scrambled to be visible whenever a… Read More


Get Your Business Listed Prominently On Google

10 Advantages of Google Places As you become familiar with Google Places and update your listings on a regular basis, you’ll discover hundreds of advantages for advertising your business through this free service. Listed below are 10 advantages worth mentioning. 1. Online advertising is the way of the future, and it will soon replace paper… Read More


Beating The Competition

Many business owners in {ip:cityName} are looking online for strategies to help boost their advertising. Due to the increasing popularity of the internet as a marketing platform as a business owner in {ip:cityName} it is now more important than ever to ensure your advertising is highly targeted. There are several ways of doing this so… Read More