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Are You Paying Attention to These 3 Digital Marketing Strategies?

By nature, digital marketing is a strange beast that’s always changing. As soon as you think you’ve conquered marketing online, along comes another trend that prompts you to change gears yet again. The good news is that there are experts out there who make it their business to inform the rest of us what marketing… Read More

Social Media Marketing Benefits You Did Not Know About

When most people dive into social media marketing, they expect big things in form of customers flowing into their business and a sharp increase of sales in a short period of time. This is however not the case since building the momentum of social media takes time and the benefits are not always the obvious… Read More

Want To Improve Your Business On Social Media?

After numerous posts, your business’ Facebook Fan Page and Twitter have a great following. That’s fantastic! Now, you’re probably stumped on what to post or tweet next.  Here are some things you should take note of so you can keep your social media life active. Don’t be square. Be fun! Other business owners in {ip:cityName}… Read More

Facebook Does Work – A Local Business’ Success Story

Whenever you hear other local business owners in {ip:cityName}’ stories of their gains by utilizing social media, you feel good and inspired, right? These testimonials help actualize all the benefits of actually using social media to help your business grow. Here’s an amazing story that will inspire you, particularly those who are feeling a bit… Read More

Want Free Great Marketing? Try Pinterest!

Businesses welcome free marketing methods since they don’t have to spend in promoting their brand – a wise thing to do in today’s economy. Pinterest is one of the free marketing tools you should be tapping if you want to create more awareness without any expense. Pinterest is a relatively new to the social media… Read More

Answer This: Your Checklist For Your Business Success Online

Here are some questions you must answer to know if your business is keeping up with the modern times and will succeed through the power of the Internet. Do you have a website that presents your business and products or services well? Your website is your salesman online. It should be complete with all the… Read More

Social Media Marketing: Should Your Company Use It?

Everyone is on it. Everyone is talking about it. But you have no clue what it is. What exactly is social media marketing? How is this relevant to your business? What is it? Social media marketing is a kind of marketing tool wherein you promote your business with the use of social media platforms. Social… Read More

The Good and The Bad: Marketing Your Local Business With Twitter

Twitter has more than 140 million users and you want to get a share of that for your business. Before delving into the tweeting world, you must know what you are getting into. Here are the pros and cons of utilizing Twitter for your local business: Advantages: Twitter allows you to pinpoint your target market.… Read More

Make Your Customers Read Your Emails And Respond

Sending emails to your old and new customers and also potential ones is one of the most important things you can do to lure them to your store. This also helps in maintaining and increasing your brand awareness by introducing and reminding them of your company and of your product or service. However, people are… Read More

Make More Money By Joining Pinterest

In every business, effective marketing plans are very important. If your current marketing strategies are not helping your business to reach your target profit and growth then you’re doing something wrong or you’re lacking something important. You must be aware that you have to explore all the available marketing tools in order to choose what… Read More

How Can Facebook Help Your Local Business Grow (Part 2)

In the previous post, we have discussed how Facebook can be a tool for your business’ growth. Here are some more benefits you can enjoy: Emphasizes that you are an expert in the industry By sharing all the innovation, knowledge and other important information about your product or service, you broadcast that you really know… Read More

How Can Facebook Help Your Local Business Grow, Part 1

There are numerous ways that Facebook can boost your business’ growth. You just have to remember that proper planning and execution are important for this to be successful. Facebook can drive more traffic to your business website. This is where you benefit from the fans of your Facebook business fanpage. You can easily direct all… Read More

Bring Your Business Up With an App!

So, you’re a small business owner in {ip:cityName} and think that you don’t need an app, right? Wrong… Millions of mobile users are obsessed with apps. With today’s “on-the-go” lifestyle, almost everyone is tinkering on their phones night and day. Not only do they play games, take photos and connect with friends, but they also… Read More

How Local SEO has Changed the Game

In the late 90s, the Internet became extremely popular since people were eager to communicate with friends electronically, both locally and internationally. For businesses, this was a big break since they could now connect with a much wider pool of customers. They were no longer limited to the area their store could reach physically. As… Read More

The Wonders Local SEO Can Do for Your Business

As a small business owner in {ip:cityName}, adding local SEO into your marketing mix  is probably be one of the best things you can do RIGHT NOW to boost your business. While the benefits are aplenty, here are our personal favorites: Reach Your Potential Customers When They REALLY Need You Say you run a party… Read More


Beating The Competition

Many business owners in {ip:cityName} are looking online for strategies to help boost their advertising. Due to the increasing popularity of the internet as a marketing platform as a business owner in {ip:cityName} it is now more important than ever to ensure your advertising is highly targeted. There are several ways of doing this so… Read More


Be present where your target market spends most of their time – on Facebook!

It seems like a day doesn’t go by where you don’t hear something about Facebook.  And why not?  At present, there are close to 600 million Facebook users – half of whom check their accounts daily.  While these statistics are impressive, even more impressive is the type of marketing power this type of activity has. … Read More


Connect with Your Target Market by Building your Brand Online

As we all know, there are a plethora of businesses that have thrived simply by using the internet as a marketing medium.  There’s not a business in existence today that doesn’t want to be a part of this successful group.  Marketing via the internet, unfortunately, is a maze of twists and turns.  As a result,… Read More


The K.I.S.S. Approach to Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it.  Social media marketing is all the rage right now.  Everyone’s talking about it.  Companies are trying to figure out ways to effectively integrate it into the overall marketing mix.  Firms are springing up everywhere offering their “specialized” services.  Gone are the days when employers simply viewed Facebook as a place where their… Read More