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So, what makes the Pro version so amazingly awesome?

Let's just say we've taken the Lite version, and put it on steroids.

Extra Features of the 'Pro' version Include...

Social Counts

You’ll be able to instantly see what social counts/shares/likes ANY website has. So you can use it to track what’s happening with your site, as well as your competitors sites! In essence, you can use this 'Pro' feature to spy on your competitors and see what social sites they are using to rank with.


good_quest  Good Question…

In a nutshell, social signals are the "activity signals" pointing back to your website and your online profiles from social media websites. For example, if you post a link on Twitter about your website, that would count as a "social signal." 

So why is social engagement important and how does the 'Pro' Version help with this? 

Most networks count clicks on links or photo views as an engagement, although most of the time, it’s not visible to users or even to you as a business owner. With the 'Pro' version of Tracks Social, you can access all of this information at the click of a button!

Next in the line are “likes.” A “like” is a better measure of interest, yet, because it’s so easy to push that button, it’s not really that strong of a signal to networks. Regardless, the 'Pro' version counts these up for your analysis.


What’s MUCH better than “likes” are comments. Comments demonstrate that people want to discuss a specific piece of content and/or have something to add. Because people take the time to leave comments, networks perceive this piece of content as engaging. The 'Pro' version gives you this information in the counts section. Finally, you get the gold if people tend to share your content a lot. 

So to summarize, with the 'Pro' version, you get a more in-depth look at your social counts and your competition!


Social Trends

With the 'Pro' version, you’ll be able to see what’s trending RIGHT NOW on social media so you can jump in at the beginning of that trend, and get some serious traction to your content. It also builds up a window for the last 30 days the more you use it.

BUT Why Do You Need To Follow Social Trends?

Social trends are reflective of what consumers consider important. So, if you’re not aware of how quickly trends change in the market, you could potentially be looking at lower sales, poor branding, and consumer reluctance. 

When new products and services enter the market, or when a consumer base has a purchasing power shift, you need to make changes to the products and/or services you offer, as well as how you market them.

Now, with this in mind, take a second to think about why people bother to share on social media. What is it that makes people share?

Psychoanalysts have discovered that our first emotional action in life is to respond to our mother’s smile with a smile of our own.  Joy and happiness are obviously hard-wired into us all. It’s no surprise then that happiness is the main driver for social media sharing. In fact, emotions layered with and related to happiness make up the majority of the top drivers of viral content as studied by Fractl.

The Top 10 Emotions That Drive Social Sharing Are:

  • Amusement
  • Interest
  • Surprise
  • Happiness
  • Delight
  • Pleasure
  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Affection
  • Excitement

But emotions aren’t just desirable in marketing… they’re critical. Research by the IPA that compared 880 global advertising case studies found that emotional messages were almost twice as likely to generate large profit gains than rational messages (31% vs. 16%). In addition, emotional messages outperformed campaigns that contained both emotional and rational content. 

The 'Pro' version of Tracks Social lets you easily identify all these key pointers. 


For a LIMITED TIME only, Tracks Social Pro is available – but we reserve the right to pull the offer at any time, since we don’t want too many people having access to all of its powerful features.  

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